A new path for me

I have been developing software as freelancer. I love coding. However, I needed some bolts and circuits. Years passed, and the maker in me was badly craving to build something. I decided to find a new path for myself and stopped being a freelance developer. That’s where the PolarBear comes from. It was so challenging that the maker in me immediately stopped whining and started working on it. I’ve been working on my open source projects since November 2020

As a born to be maker, I’ve finally found my path, and I’m grateful that the PolarBear project immediately caught attention and proved I was on the right track.

Of course it isn’t all smooth and easy. However, everything in the universe comes with a predefined list of pros and cons. What you can do is to decide what pros you can’t sacrifice and what cons you can bear. I couldn’t sacrifice “not being a maker” anymore. To do that, I have borne enough cons so the PolarBear is born and I became a Digital Maker.

I will pursue this path and make more open source projects. I hope my projects will be useful for people and inspire others.