Safety Warning!

You are about to assemble a machine. Assembling the machine requires to handle items working with high voltage, very hot surfaces, sharp tools and objects. Make sure that you take all safety measures. This guide may contain incorrect or dangerous information. Just like the machine itself, this guide provided “AS IS” without any warranty. Follow the guide and perform the assembly at your own risk.

Mains Power!

babyBear requires wiring for mains power. Mains power is very dangerous and can kill. It is strictly recommended that if you don’t have any prior mains power wiring experience and if you are not confident about it, please consider not to build the machine or get help for the mains power wiring.

Tool Handling!

Building the babyBear requires several tools that can be dangerous. If you are not proficient with this tools, please consider not to build the machine.

Please take the safety serious and don’t compromise. Most accidents happen when you are not careful. Always use safety gears and never underestimate any potential danger.