Cam softwares expect the machine to move on a straight path from the current point to the given point. Due to the rotary axis, polar machines follow an arc path. To fix this we need to split straight paths into smaller paths. "tolerance" means maximum path length. If a straight path is longer than this, it is divided into smaller paths until it is smaller than the "tolerance".


Ideally, the tooltip should be perfectly aligned to the center of the polar axis. This is not always possible. If the tooltip has an offset, it will never be in the expected position.The final work will be warped, like looking through a magnifying glass. So, if you have an offset in your tooltip, enter the offset distance here. The polar angle and X axis distance will be realigned with respect to the offset line.

We can fix the tooltip offset, but please note that it leaves an inaccessible circle in the center of the polar axis.


Reassign Axis labels


Polar movement requires different feedrates than a linear movement. This converter currently ignores the feedrate calculations. It doesn't affect the toolpath conversion. But it reduces the speed efficiency of the machine.

See the source on Github:

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